Reiki Sessions & Aura Clearing

In Person Reiki in the She Shed (or Distance Reiki) Session, 1 hour $80

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Enjoy a wonderful Reiki Session including relaxing background music and dim lighting in a tranquil setting.

Reiki is a Japanese Energy Healing Technique that shifts stagnant energy to promote healing, relaxation and to keep our bodies free of disease.  Reiki sessions enhance your mind, body & soul, opening up your ability to heal, learn and grow personally.

The healing power of Reiki can help with:

~ Sleep

~ Improving overall mood

~ Resolving emotional distress

~ Pain/inflammation reduction

~ Release of tension & stress

~ Decrease of anxiety & depression

~ Gaining clarity and motivation

What can you expect at your session?

BEFORE- quick chit chat about Reiki, review of your form and what to expect during the session.

DURING- Candles, Relaxing Music & Cozy Overall Ambience, Healing, Serenity & Comfort.

AFTER- Review of any Intuitive impressions received by Tamiah and a recap of the findings during the session.

Life is about enjoying the journey and living to our fullest potential, let's include Reiki in YOUR JOURNEY!

Special Instructions:  

*If you have a pacemaker or any mechanical devices in your body you are not eligible for a Reiki Session.  

**All electronic devices, watches, phones, etc must be removed from the body before a session.


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Aura Clearing/Deep Reiki Session PLUS Reiki Session, 90 mins $150

Do you have a specific issue that you would like to clear from your life?  

Maybe it's a specific emotion or experience that you have held onto for a long time.  

Identify, locate and release this issue with a focused session.  

Follow this specific technique with a full Reiki Session (details above) to seal the deal.

*Note multiple sessions may be required depending on the issue identified.